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Uber is cheaper than Lyft and testing a new 'Cut the line' feature. You pay more, you cut the line..

In this weekly news summary, brought to you by Obi (one app, every ride) - Uber is shown to be cheaper than Lyft, the WSJ says high prices are hear to stay, Alibaba puts its toe into ridesharing and Uber is testing a new feature in Brazil that lets you cut the line by paying more.

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Uber Is Now Offering Cheaper Rides Than Lyft, Analyst Says

Well if it’s said by analysts, it must be true. Surely? The Barrons article says Uber is currently 10% cheaper than Lyft. Read on.

Uber Tests ‘Cut the Line’ Feature in Brazil Amid Driver Shortage

In Brazil Uber is testing a new features that allows riders to cut the line if they are prepared to pay more for a ride. This sounds a little like Ebay for rides - definitely not a new concept and one that has been tried and tested and disappeared a few times already with other platforms. Buit with price surges, lack of drivers and fuel shortages, perhaps it will catch on this time? Read on.

SKT’s T Map Mobility and Uber to launch integrated taxi-hailing UT app on Nov.1

UT, the taxi-hailing joint venture of SK Telecom Co.’s T Map Mobility and U.S. car-hailing giant Uber, will officially launch the two companies’ integrated mobility application UT app on Nov. 1 with an aim to increase its licensed taxies to more than 10,000 units before the end of this year. UT CEO Tom White said in a recent interview that UT would allow Korean cab users to enjoy the same Uber experience that its global users have been enjoying. Read on.

Uber can now track your flight so a ride home is ready when you land

Uber recently announced that customers can now book a ride up to 30 days in advance. Of course you have to pay more - travelers who choose the more expensive Uber Black or Uber Black SUV options can also put their flight information into the app, which will automatically adjust a reservation if your flight is early or delayed. Uber said drivers for those reservations will wait up to 60 minutes for you at no additional cost. That means you’ll have extra time to get through the airport and pick up your bags. Read on.

Studies say Uber and Lyft offload soft costs on drivers and communities

A new pair of studies suggests the investor-subsidized prices don’t tell the whole story, with costs being borne by drivers and communities. One study is from Carnegie Mellon University, which analyzed some of the less obvious costs and benefits of transportation network companies (TNC, the favored term in public and academic documents). In another survey conducted among unionized drivers in Seattle, the University of Washington’s Marissa Baker found that most felt they received little or no support from the companies they work for. Read on.

At Uber and Lyft, Ride-Price Inflation Is Here to Stay

Not the news we wanted to hear. The WSJ predicts higher fares seem likely to continue as ride-hailing companies try to keep drivers on the platforms. Read on.

China’s probe into Didi is aimed at addressing national security risks arising from New York listing, Xinhua says

This is the first time that an official Chinese media outlet has detailed why Beijing launched a cybersecurity investigation into Didi. China’s high-profile investigation into Didi has been under way since July, and there has been no update on its progress. Read on.

Alibaba’s Amap launches taxi ride-hailing platform in Beijing

Amap, Alibaba’s ride-hailing and map platform, rolled out a new taxi ride-hailing platform called “Beijing Taxi” (our translation) on Sunday. Amap is partnering with Beijing’s Taxicab and Livery Association and aims to digitize the city’s taxi services. More than 100 taxi operators in the capital city have joined. Users can access the service through the Amap app and its mini-programs on Alipay and WeChat. Read on.

Ride-hailing apps make taxi drivers and passengers happy

According to the Kathmandu Post - it’s true. It also mentions that due to growing demand, the US-based multinational company inDriver has started a trial run of its app in Kathmandu. Read on. Covid-19 and The Future of Ridesharing Obi has launched a rideshare survey to gain insights into the effect of the pandemic on your daily rides. You can win one of three $100 gift cards too. Take the survey here. Please hurry - survey closes soon!