• Obi News Team

5 Top Labor Day Weekend Travel Tips

Photo by Julian Myles on Unsplash

This coming Labor Day weekend, it’s predicted over 40 million Americans will hit the road and many more will fly, making it one of America’s busiest travel weekends.

This spike in travel, combined with ridehail driver shortages, surge pricing, long wait times and the rise of the Delta variant could make travel a nightmare for some. So we’ve put together our list of top travel tips from the Obi team, to help you actually celebrate your Labor Day weekend in style.

1. Plan ahead and avoid peak travel times. This Thursday and Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. will probably be the busiest times on the roads where surge pricing will be at its highest and wait times at their longest.

2. Try a new ride provider. Most drivers actually drive for 2-3 companies. Yet despite this, the rates quoted can vary as much as 40%. In the industry it’s called ‘multi-apping’ (you’ve probably seen a driver with 2 or more phones on his dashboard.) So if your regular provider is showing very high prices, try another service. You might just get the same driver, for a lot less.

3. Walk a few blocks. If you do have to travel in peak times and are trying to book a taxi through apps like Curb for example, your best bet is to walk to a main thoroughfare. Especially during times of high demand, taxi drivers are less likely to pick up an on-demand fare if it’s too far out of their way (it’s easier for them to pick someone off the street they are on). So increase your chances by walking to a busy street and then booking in the app.

4) Download Obi. Of course we couldn’t give you tips without mentioning the Obi App. This platform was built specifically for times like these. Obi shows you all the rides (black cars, taxis, ride hails) available on one platform so you can always get the cheapest or quickest pick up. It will help show you alternative providers too. Obi can’t lower prices with a magic wand, but we can always ensure you pay the absolute minimum.

5) Travel smart and travel safe. Wherever you are traveling to check CDC guidelines and pack a mask. The Delta variant is still raging across the country and it’s important to follow local guidelines.

Safe travels this Labor Day weekend. It’s the unofficial end of wearing white and also the end of Hot Dog season, so enjoy it while you can!

To make Obi part of your Labor Day travel plans, you can download for free here. Obi is a price comparison platform that always shows you the lowest price.