Frequently asked questions

I need a ride

Please enter a destination address in ‘where do you want to go?’ box. The app will detect your location automatically or you simply click on it to change. You will then be presented with different ride options which you can book. Have a great ride and don’t forget to tell your friends about Obi!

I need to book a ride to the airport now

Simply click the 'where do you want to go?’ box. The app will detect your location automatically or you simply click on it to change. You will then be presented with different ride options which you can book. Have a safe flight and don’t forget to skip the queue and use Obi when you land.

I need to book a ride in advance

Whilst we do not currently offer advance booking, because we have so many cars on our platform, you can use our app when you need to get your ride instead of having to pre-book. Our app will also ensure you get the best price.

Can you book a ride for me?

We’ve designed Obi to be super simple to use and as such we do not have a team available to book on behalf of users, but we have a series of quick videos you can watch on how to use the app and are always available if you get stuck! You simply enter your destination and the app will show you the best options and guide you to book.

I think I may have been overcharged

We are so sorry to hear you had an issue with your journey and will do everything we can to help. Unfortunately as we are an aggregator, payment issues with providers are dealt with directly by them. For customer service for Uber or Lyft (or any other provider) you can contact them directly through their apps. Once again, we are sorry for the issue and they should help resolve for you.

Can I drive for Obi?

We love your enthusiasm but unfortunately Obi is simply a ridehail aggregator for passengers. As such, we do not have our own fleet. Please reach out to your local ridehail provider if you are looking to drive. You can use the Obi app to see which services are operating in your area.

What is Obi?

We love curiosity! Obi is like a magic box. We take all of the ridehail and taxi data, add in our secret sauce and give you live feeds so you can compare them in one super easy to use (and did we say free?!) app. Our aim is to help you get the best ride every time. Simple as that.

Why was the price different when I opened Uber or Lyft app

Many ridehail companies offer personalized pricing (they may not admit it though!) as well as discounts in what is a very competitive space. Obi enables you to connect your accounts so you can compare pricing with 100% accuracy, including any discounts. So if you see a discrepancy it will be because your account is not linked. But worry not, it’s easy to fix!! Go to Services in the app on the menu dropdown to connect. If you do not connect and are subject to a discounted offer then the price shown in Obi may vary slightly. But don’t worry – even if you see a price variance, you will always pay the cheaper price once you book in the underlying app.

Does Obi work internationally?

Obi is currently optimized for the USA where we have the major ridehails and taxis within our app. However our app is available globally and we have many international partners including Ola, FreeNow, Taxify and LeCab. Please email us at if there is a ridehail or bike/scooter provider in your city you would like included.

How do I apply my Lyft/Uber coupon discount?

Simply connect your Uber/Lyft account (see Services from the App menu) and Obi will display all discounts that have been applied to your account.

Do you have scooters / bikes?

Our current focus is on ridehails, black cars and taxis however we will be providing bike and scooter shares as we expand.

Do I need a Lyft or Uber account?

Obi displays multiple ride options, depending on your location. If you select a Lyft or Uber ride, Obi will direct you to complete the booking in their respective apps. If you do not have the app or an account, you will be directed to download and create an account to finalize the booking.

Do I need to link my Lyft/Uber account?

By linking your Lyft/Uber account you will ensure you get 100% personalized pricing and see all discounts. Simply go to Services in the App (click on the left hand top menu) and Obi will walk you through connecting your accounts for a seamless experience. It takes just a few seconds and you only have to do it once.

How can I link my Uber account?

Yes! Obi is designed for both consumers and businesses alike. By comparing pricing businesses and their employees can make significant savings both financially as well as productivity with quicker pick up times. Obi is free to use and any company can simply recommend it's employees to start using. No contracts, no fees. If you would like help in terms of communicating Obi to employees or have any questions please email us at

Does Obi support Lyft Line?

Obi does support Lyft Line! Please note, the feed that Lyft provides Obi (and all others) only supports 1 passenger in Lyft Line. So you must have the passenger number at 1 for Lyft Line to show. One option you can do if you have two passengers for Lyft line is to change the passenger number in the Lyft app before final booking.

How do I search for a ride?

Obi makes it really easy to search for a ride. Follow our quick step guide below or watch our How to Videos. Step 1) If your pickup location is correct, simply enter the destination in the ‘Where do you want to go?” box. If your pickup location is NOT correct, you can either a) manually move the map around with your thumb to set the pickup location. OR, you can simply tap the 'Pickup Location' box and manually type in your address. Once your pickup and destination are entered, we work our magic and show you all the ride options available. It really is that easy!

I need a baby/child seat

To view cars with child seats simply click on the filter icon (next to the Fastest Tab) and select Car Seat to display those options. Have a great ride!

I need a wheelchair accessible ride

To view cars that are wheelchair accessible simply click on the filter icon (next to the Fastest Tab) and select Wheelchair accessible to display those options. We hope you have a pleasant ride.

Is my data secure?

We take data security very seriously! Obi uses the latest encryption technologies and does not store credit card details on it’s servers. Please see our Privacy Policy at for more information. But rest assured we do everything we can to ensure data protection for our users.

What’s the difference between Fastest and Cheapest?

The Cheapest tab is the most commonly used tab and lets you see the ride for the lowest price, starting with the cheapest. The Fastest tab is designed for those of you in a hurry who may want to pay a little more to be quicked up more quickly. Often the Cheapest and Fastest will be one and the same but especially in times of high demand, the quickest pick up is sometimes not the cheapest option.

Why am I being asked to input driver’s ID?

When linking your Uber account, most users simply sign in with a username and password. If you are an Uber driver or have an Uber driver account, for security, Uber may ask for your driver’s ID as part of their login. This simply enables you to connect your ride account to Obi. Obi does not store any data as part of this process.

I do not understand these charges on my card. Does not reflect charges from my trip.

We are so sorry to hear you had an issue with your journey and will do everything we can to help. Unfortunately as we are an aggregator, payment issues with your provider (such as Uber, Lyft etc) are dealt with directly by them. For customer service please open their app you can contact them directly. Once again, we are sorry for the issue and they should help resolve for you. Let us know if you need any further help.

My trip history looks different

If you have linked your Uber and/or Lyft account your history with those providers will be displayed there. We will also show the trip history of other providers such as Waave, Curb and Carmel. Please note, that for some rides, where you book in the underlying app, Obi does not always know if the final trip was taken and so does not display in trip history.

How much are your rides?

Our app lets you search across the major ridehails and taxis and compare pricing. Simply enter your destination in the search box and we will display the prices from the different companies for you. You can then select the cheapest ride and book directly with the provider you select.

What happened to Bellhop?

Bellhop recently changed its name to Obi. Same app, just a new name! Obi is rapidly growing and we can’t wait to share more exciting announcements with you soon.

Do you have a cat filter?

Sorry, no.

Obi sounds like a great place to work! Can I get a job?

Yes it is! And perhaps! We are always looking for talented individuals to help our ridehail mission. Send us an email, resume, pigeon with a note or something to catch our interest at

Is Obi free?

Yes, oui, si, absolutely! The Obi app is free to download and to use. Our mission is to help consumers stop overpaying for rides and so we provide full transparency of pricing and enable you to compare and save. The price you see quoted by Obi is the same price you would see using the provider app directly. Only we enable you to compare and ensure you get the best price.

Why is there a charge/hold on my card before I ride?

With some providers, the ride fare is estimated as the final fare is determined by trip time which is not known until the end of the ride. For these rides, a temporary charge is placed on the credit card amounting to maximum cost of the journey. However as soon as the journey is completed, that charge is removed. You are then charged the corresponding final ride price only. You are never double charged.

If you see a temporary charge please do not be alarmed. This does not mean you are paying double or being overcharged, it's just to ensure the ride cost will be covered as per the provider policies. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at